Songs - to support multi-sensory stimulation

Posting taken from MSLA::

Booky Looky (Hoky Poky)
You put your shelf marker in, you pull the book right out,
You look through the pages to see what it's about,
You do the booky looky and you see if it's just right,
And that's what it's all about!

You put the book back in, you pull your shelf marker out,
You might find a book that's better, and you don't have to shout,
You do the booky looky and turn yourself around...

You take your book with you, you take your marker, too,
Wait your turn in line, the computer checks you out,
You do..

(Row, row...)
Hug, hug, hug your book very carefully,
Down the hall and back to class, as quiet as can be. Kathy Harrity

(Row, row...)
Nonfiction books are true, Numbers are the key,
Information can be yours, it's easy as can be.
Don't for get the second line, It's from the author's name,
Put the lines together and, you can win the game Joanne Norton

YMCA song
Here at our great school
We say reading...reading is super cool!
And we love it...found how fun it can be
When we go to the library.

To find one...find a book just for you
This will be than you ever knew
You'll be reading, never puttit it down
It's the hottest thing in our town.

We grab our books and we just R E A D
Our favorite thin here is to R E A D
Beverly Cleary is neat, Eric Carle can't be beat
There's an author out there for you.

Just grab a book and we will R E A D
Our favorite thing here is to R E A D
Hey now Junie B. is so cute, Marvin Redpost's a hoot
They make you want to read them again.

We love it when we R E A D
It's really fun when we just R E A D
Wne when we find susuccss by doing great on our test
We know we gotta do it again.

(My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean)
I'll borrow a book at the library
I'll borriw a book for a week
I'll borrow a book and I'll read it
Then bring it right back the next week.
Bring back, bring back, oh bring back you book each week, each week,
Bring back, bring back, cause (Wednesday's) my library day!

"Hi Ho Librario"
(This is from Kathleen Finnerty and is sung to the tune of Farmer in the Dell):
The author writes the book
The author writes the book
Hi Ho the Librario the author writes the book

The illustrator draws the pictures
The illustrator draws the pictures
Hi Ho the Librario The illustrator draws the pictures

See also: Judy Freeman, "Hi Ho Librario" Book and CD Clever songs,
easy to use with little kids.

Rock-A-Bye Bookie
(Sung to the tune of Rock-A-Bye Baby-- "this one is oddly popular with my kids" - Judi Paradis)
Rock-A-Bye Bookie, I'll be your boss
When I'm with you, you will not get lost
When I turn your pages, I'll use lots of care
And back will come bookie, for more kids to share

See also:
http://northside. woodfordschools. org/Media_ Center
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Joyce Levine, "Read, Read, Read" CD (songs related to stories).
I ordered the book and tape. Classic stories set to music -- "Goin'
on a Bear Hunt" worked out really well with K and 1.