Cross-curricular project with Drama Specialist, LT, ITS to research notable people and create a podcast to publish their learning.
Curriculum Benchmarks - Waltham Public Schools
Listen to others and encourage their performance.
-Work cooperatively with other members of the class.
Reading/Language Arts:
Listen and respond to a wide variety of stories and other students' writing.
-Choose to read independently for pleasure and information.
Instructional Technology:
-Collaborate with teachers and classmates to create a multimedia presentation to communicate learning.
Information Literacy:
-Know that an encyclopedia is a place to find general information on a subject.
-Use text and graphic features to gather information from a reference or nonfiction book.
Massachusetts ELA Curriculum Framework
Language Strand: Standard 3: Oral Presentation:
-Students will make oral presentations that demonstrate appropriate consideration of audience, purpose, and information
to be conveyed.
Reading and Literature Strand: Standard 8: Understanding a Text:
-Students will identify the basic facts and main ideas in a text and use them as the basis for interpretation.
Massachusetts HSS Curriculum Framework:
-After reading or listening to a variety of true stories about individuals recognized for their achievements, describe
compare different ways people have achieved great distinction.
Maya Angelou; Alexander Graham Bell; Jan Brett; Ruby Bridges; Norman Bridwell; Geroge W. Bush; Jacques Coustea; Christopher
Columbus; Doreen Cronin; Walt Disney; Thomas Edison; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Juliette Low; Rosa Parks; Deval Patrick; Paul Revere; Jackie Robinson; Jon Scieszka; Dr. Seuss; Carroll Spinnney; Chris Van Allsburg; George Washington.
Organization/Process: Students work with Drama Specialist and Library Teacher: to select and research notable people, using print/nonprint pre-selected resources. Students complete template and practice oral speaking. Students work with LT and ITS to record podacast to be linked from school web page.