Present the story first as a wordless book and let the children tell you what they think is happening.
Read the book to confirm their storytelling.

Listening by Color

Materials: cassette or CD recorder/player, stapler, scissors, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple paper.

Record a cassette tape or CD or yourself reading Mouse Paint.
Use the stapler as a clicker for the signal to turn the page.
Cut 3x5 cards of the different colors of paper and distribute one to each child.
As the recording is playing, have the listeners hold up the matching color card whenever they hear the color word. e.g. when the listener hears "yellow feet" if she has a yellow card, she holds it up.

Source: Raines, Shirley C., and Robert J. Canady. More Story Stretchers: More Activities to Expand Favorite Books. Maryland: Mt. Rainer, 1991.