From Judi:

This is the 5th grade matter and energy project. (Also posted on wanserver08\curriculum&instruction)

Here’s how it works:

Each kid gets a basic question about how matter or energy functions (e.g., how does matter convert from one state to another?)
Then they get 5 “glossary words” that have something to do with that topic.

First they look up the glossary words.
Then they answer the question (using materials from the library). Their answers have to include their glossary words.
They next look through the “picture bank” that I included (just a power point collection) and select a picture that they believe has something to do with their topic. They must write a caption that explains the matter or energy principle shown in the photo.
Finally, they create a diagram that shows a process or compares two things.
The question, answer, glossary words, photo and diagram then all go into the template provided.
All the pages are bound together into a book to be shared by the class.