The goal of this lesson is to get Kindergarten students to learn that animals bodies specifically adapt to the biome where they live. Library goals include:
  • seeing that informational books contain facts
  • the more informational books used, the more information you will find (different books have different facts)
  • information can be categorized and compared

Kids come in to library and sit in four groups (at tables works well). Each group is assigned a place to visit:
  • group 1: desert
  • group 2: ocean
  • group 3: jungle
  • group 4: polar lands
Next each group gets 8-12 books specifically about their region with LOTS of photographs and illustrations. Kids spend 10 minutes looking through these. Before they begin ask them to notice:
  • what are animals body's covered with?
  • what are they eating?
  • how do they move?
  • can they camouflage?
  • what do their bodies look like?
After about 10 minutes collect all the books and put this chart on Smart Board:

Have kids volunteer answers--stick to YES and NO as much as possible and kids will see patterns emerging.

Ask some questions once you finish--
  • Can an animal camouflage anywhere or just where it lives?
  • Why don't ocean animals have legs?
  • Could an animal from one place easily live in another?
Start to have conversation about how bodies are built for the places they are.