Unit Objectives

  • Introduce students to the author/illustrator Ezra Jack Keates by pointing out that he and Eric Carle both use collage for the illustrations in their picture books.
  • Read aloud numerous books by Ezra Jack Keates
  • Teach students how to find Keates books in the Library
  • Reinforce what good browsing looks like
  • Reinforce proper care of books (i.e. page turning by the outside corners)


  • author
  • illustrator
  • spine
  • collage

Sequence of Lessons

Lesson 1: Collage and Ezra Jack Keats illustrations (5 min)

  • Using LCD projector show students the cover of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and the cover of The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. Ask: What is the same about these two books? (Answer: collage)
  • Review the meaning of the word collage
  • Show the covers of other books by Ezra Jack Keats (e.g. Whistle for Wilie, Peter's Chair,Pet Show!)

(5 min) PowerPoint Slide Show about Ezra Jack Keats
(10 min) DVD: The Snowy Day
(5 min) Book browsing lesson: using book sticks (students sit on floor in front of Everybody books)
(15 min) Book check-out
(10 min) Coloring page: The Snowy Day
(10 min) If time permits read: The Snowy Day or have students look at Keats books on the floor.