Begin by saying, "I am me, I am special and here are some of the things I like to do". Tell some of the things that you like to do. Ask several children what they enjoy. Have them begin by repeating the "I am me, I am special" phrase.

Read I Like Me.

After reading, repeat "I am me, I am special and here are the ways I take care of myself." Give some examples before going on to ask some of the children how they take care of themselves.

After a few responses from the children, repeat, "I am special and her is what I do to cheer myself up." Have them always begin with "I am me, I am special"

End: everyone repeating together "I am me, I am special, I like me!"

Art Story Stretcher

Materials: crayons and paper

What to do:
Children fold papers like a greeting card. On outside draw a self portrait.
Left inside: what they like to do
Right inside: what they do to take care of themselves
Back: how they cheer themselves up

Source: Raines, Shirley C., and Robert J. Canady. More Story Stretchers: More Activities to Expand Favorite Books. Maryland: Mt. Rainer, 1991.